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Maximize Your Heat Pump Investment: Tips for Longevity in Rotorua

If you’ve lived in Rotorua, NZ for any significant length of time, you’re probably well acquainted with the unique environmental and weather challenges of the area. You may have also found yourself in the unfortunate position of enduring a cold night followed by expensive repairs and replacements due to a failing heat pump. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to maximize your heat pump’s potential and increase it’s life significantly.

Understanding the Unique Challenges of Rotorua’s Climate for Heat Pumps

Rotorua’s unique environment and weather pose specific challenges to the maintenance and performance of heat pumps. Geothermal activity in the area can cause issues such as corrosion of outdoor units due to geothermal steam, while high humidity can cause condensation on the heat pump’s internal components and reduce efficiency. Additionally, the area’s geothermal activity can cause issues with the quality of the surrounding soil, which may require additional care and maintenance for the heat pump unit to function properly.

Essential Maintenance Tips to Extend Your Heat Pump’s Lifespan

To make sure your heat pump runs efficiently, regular cleaning is key. It’s recommended that you wipe down the exterior of indoor units every few weeks. For outdoor units, removing leaves and other debris from around them helps prevent blockages that will force the system to work harder.

The filters in your heat pump also need to be addressed periodically. A clean filter lets air flow more easily and catches allergens better. It’s a good idea to check these monthly. You simply remove the filter, give it a gentle clean with warm soapy water, then let it dry before putting back into place.

Schedule Professional Servicing

Despite best efforts at home maintenance, some of the more complex inner workings like coils or electrical components still require professional attention. A professional service should be conducted at least once a year to prevent far more costly repairs later. Leishman Electrical has years of experience handling this kind of professional service in addition to all other sorts of issues that may arise.

Signs You May Need a Professional

Here are a few specific indicators it might be time to give Leishman a call. If your system starts making strange noises, like grinding or squealing, that’s a clear sign something’s up. A sudden change in your power bill can also point to a problem. If your heat pump stops producing warm air on cold days or cool air on hot ones, it may be a result of low refrigerant levels or issues with the compressor.

Regular maintenance can help avoid these problems, but if they do arise, a professional can get things running smoothly for you again.

Why Choose Leishman Electrical for Your Heat Pump Needs

When it comes to heat pumps in Rotorua, you need a service provider who understands the unique challenges of this region. They’re not just electricians; they’re your neighbours. Living and working in Rotorua means they understand how the geothermal activity and high humidity can affect your heat pump.

The Long-Term Benefits of Regular Heat Pump Maintenance

Just like a car needs regular servicing to run smoothly for a long time, your heat pump also requires routine maintenance. Regular check-ups can help increase your heat pump’s efficiency by up to 25%. An efficient system means lower energy bills for you and less strain on the environment. With consistent care, you can also extend the lifespan of your unit significantly.

An unattended system might lead to small issues becoming big ones. This is why catching potential issues early during maintenance checks saves both time and money over time.

Get Comfortable

You don’t need to sacrifice your comfort as a result of the unique environmental challenges here in Rotorua. Take care of your heat pump and it will take care of you, and when the situation calls for a professional, Leishman will be there.