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Solar Power & EV Charging

Solar Power will save you money and save the environment in the long run.

Solar Power Panel Installation

Solar installation

Home or business solar installations in Rotorua we can do, either tied to the grid (power network as a backup) or a stand alone or hybrid system (grid tied with battery back up) for storing excess when not producing power (no sun or wind). We can discuss options based on your budget and energy needs. Sustainable energy loans are available from the major banks for Solar installations to help offset the cost.

Latest technology for solar

Constant upgrades and products are on the market each year for solar panels, inverters and battery storage give you the consumer plenty of options. We can help guide you through the process and recommend a system suitable for your power needs based on the location of your property to help maximise the capabilities of the solar setup.

EV Charging

EV Charging setup at home

We can install a home charging station for your EV to charge while at home or business. Talk to us about options and pricing.

Solar Power Panels

Intergrate with solar and save

There may not be a better pairing than home solar panels and electric cars. Both of these exciting technologies represent a major shift away from how things have been done for a long time, and together they are sparking a revolution in self-reliance, while also helping to lead to a better future for everyone.

GRIDFREE - Complete off the Grid Kits

Maybe go completely off the grid? We can install Gridfee Kits or price similar kits for your specific needs depending on your power requirements. Off the grid solar power kits include everything you need to generate, store, and use power off grid - solar panels, batteries, a charge controller, an inverter, and all the bits in-between. You'll also get full instructions and ongoing support from our team.

Wind Turbine - Verticle Axis

One of the most efficient and sleek vertical wind turbines with the lowest starting wind speed and highest power generation capacity: Standalone 7 kW power generation, capable of meeting daily household electric needs or pair with solar to increase output. Rotation starts at 4 m/s wind speed. Upon rotation, power is generated at even 3 m/s wind speed. Options to add to existing Solar or include a Home Inverter and battery backup depending on what setup you are after.

5 reasons to switch to Solar Power